Racehorses: Living The Dream

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How many people out there have had a dream? Most of us do and some of us work on making that dream come true. This site is about not giving up, believe in your dream. My dream was one day I would have my very own racehorse, in my very own back yard. My dream came true. The picture above is my new dream - to see my horse win a classic. But I can do that because owning the horse, the culmination of my original ambition, is now fulfilled.

My name is June and since I was very young, horses have been my life. My father was a keen race goer, and from the first time he took me with him I was hooked. He used to bet on the classics at a local bookie. I won't name names as I grew up in quite a small town! But he let me help him study the form and the bloodlines, and together we picked a few winners including in successive Kentucky Derbies. The ability to spot a good horse on paper is something I always hoped to transfer to real life. It's a shame we didn't bet enough to buy a horse with the winnings. But I had to do it the hard way instead.

So that's why I originally created this website. Not to boast, although I am proud of what I've achieved. The point is to demonstrate that owning a racehorse is a realistic ambition and hopefully after reading this I'll have inspired some of you to do the same thing. If this site helps even one person to get into racing ownership then I will consider it time well spent.

My husband takes immense credit for helping me to make this a reality. He agreed to move out into the country and take on a ranch. From there, I started to breed and sell horses. Not racehorses at this stage, just lovely gentle walking horses which I nicknamed my "Little Walkin Dudes." So yes, now you realise the reason for the name of this site, and for my racehorse which if you haven't guessed is named LittleDudesWalkin. It's named in honor of those dudes that helped me accumulate the capital I needed.

Because it's not just about buying the racehorse. That isn't cheap, but you can get a good deal if you know more about what you're looking for that others do. But it's also the cost of keeping the animal, and of training him to be competitive. You can recoup much of that cost later through betting and prize money, but you need to have the capital in the first place.

So it took a few years, but they were happy years as I was doing what I loved. Before long I had the capital I needed. The big day arrived. I had an idea of the bloodstock I was looking for, and within a short time the perfect foal became available. He has now been training for over 6 months, and will compete in his first maiden race hopefully by the start of the next flat racing season.

If you have ambition to buy a racehorse of your own, the most important thing is to take action. You don't have to do things the same way I did, but the key is to do something. Figure out how much you need, and do whatever you love and you're good at to raise the cash. Never slack off and never stray from your goal. The day will come sooner than you think and it will be worth it.

Ownership Options

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